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Garment Steamers Help Fashion Retailers Save Money

Steam Power Helps Fashion Retailers Save Money by Reducing Returned Goods 

A poll of fashion retailers carried out by Displaysense in the UK has revealed that using garment steamers can significantly reduce the amount of returned and damaged goods at a store.
Now the company is urging fashion retailers to consider the benefits of clothes steamers, not only in keeping clothes looking fresh, but also when it comes to preventing damage to products.
Steve Whittle from Displaysense, explains that positive feedback from retailers about their clothes steamers prompted the firm to carry out its research.
"We have recently been receiving numerous positive comments and reviews from our fashion customers about their garment steamers, so we wanted to find out just how good they really are," he comments.
One surprising outcome of the survey was the significant reduction in damaged and returned goods, with Mr Whittle noting that this is a key benefit of using clothes steamers that is often not considered.
"We already knew that clothes steamers are great at keeping garments looking at their best, which can boost sales, but we didn't realise they are so effective at reducing the number of damaged and returned goods for stores," he states.
Mr Whittle points out that this could be a further compelling reason for fashion retailers to purchase a garment steamer when economic pressures are forcing them to find ways to increase sales at the same time as cutting costs.
"Clothes steamers provide a cost-effective solution for fashion retailers. It's important to remember that garments in stores don't just hang in shop displays, they get tried on, dropped and stored in stock rooms, which can all result in general wear and tear.
"Although garments may not look damaged, this wear and tear can shorten the life of clothes and could increase the chance that garments will be returned," Mr Whittle points out.
He stresses that, as Displaysense's poll has shown, retailers who look after their products by using a clothes steamer will be able to significantly reduce the number of items that get damaged and subsequently returned.
"As well as saving time and money, this will also help a store build its reputation for selling high quality goods, which could in turn result in more custom," Mr Whittle concludes.