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Coat Hanger Natural Wood- PACK OF 10

$18.50 (inc. GST)

Coat Hanger Natural Wood- PACK OF 10

This is our entry level timber coat hanger, in a natural timber finish. Our budget Hanger is an economical alternative to our Standard Timber Top Hanger. PACK OF 10.

Gina (Darwin) "good quality and by far the cheapest around" 

Hanger is 45cm wide with chrome hook and notches for straps.

Whats the difference between this Budget Hanger and our Standard hanger?

Our Standard Hanger is made from quality timber sourced for a consistent look throughout your batch of hangers. Our Budget Hanger may have some cosmetic imperfections and lower level of colour consistency in batches.

The choice of quality and budget is up to you - just starting out? Then maybe our Budget Hanger is a wise starting point for you.

Want a higher quality and more consistent look across the hangers in your shop? Then we recommend choosing our Standard Hanger.

Click on the 2nd image to see a visual comparison of our Budget Hanger and our Standard Hanger!



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