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Mannequins are the heart of our business.

For retailers in a busy mall amongst all the other brands trying to connect with passers-by, window mannequins are often one of the most important facets of the shop design and personality. Customisation of mannequins is one of the ways the best retailers can personify their brand’s message and reach out to customers.

Customisations can be minor or major depending on retailer’s specific requirements. From a simple custom colour and company logos through to specialized sizes, poses and stylization, Rax & Dollies are experts in taking custom mannequin projects from start to finish professionally, smoothly and economically. Our mannequins are made for you in one of the world’s premier mannequin factories, which manufactures for many of the world’s leading fashion brands. 

We have completed major customization projects for many of Australia’s best retailers which have involved full body mannequins, plus size mannequins, sporting and swimming poses as well as torsos and specialized body parts like torsos, bra forms, hip forms, legs, hands and mannequin heads.

We look forward to helping bring your new mannequins to life!

Below are some of the cool things we've done in the past - click on any image to enlarge and use your arrow keys to move through the images