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Small Retail Friendly

Because the biggest retailers in Australia trust us to help them set up shop, we’re a business that small retailers can rely on to provide industry leading service and professionalism. We have set out to create an intimate and personalized service for small retailers where we take the time to advise you based on your specific needs and business goals.

Because we’re not just a “catalogue” company, we are able to supply a wide range of display and merchandising options and ideas, as well as the standard shop supplies and shop fittings that are everyday retailing essentials.

Here’s why we are a great choice for some of Australia’s classiest boutiques and small businesses:

  • Our range of mannequins, with options that cover everything from quality budget mannequins to our beautiful premium mannequins.
  • Our range of retail display racks, which cover the basic display rack options, and also includes a growing range of new and unique racks not available anywhere else.
  • Our hire service for mannequins, racks, hangers and tables – perfect for trade shows, exhibitions, pop-up shops, photo shoots and PR events.
  • Our custom design and manufacture service capable of supplying both small and large production runs.

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